Construction Work Residential Building


Construction Work  Residential Building

Step by Step Construction Work:
Up to Basement
1. Marking
2. Earthwork work Excavation Footing
3. River Sand filling Footing
4. PCC Laying work Footing
5. Footing Matt & Column Reinforcement Steel
fabrication & erection work
6. Footing Matt and Column Shuttering work
7. Footing De-Shuttering work
8. Basement Column Marking work
9. Basement Column Shuttering work
10. Basement Column RCC laying work
11. Plinth beam marking work
12. Plinth beam sand filling work
13. Plinth beam PCC laying work
14. Plinth beam Reinforcement Steel fabrication &
erection work
15. Plinth beam Shuttering work
16. Plinth beam RCC laying work
17. Plinth beam De-Shuttering work
18. Basement 230mm brick laying work
19. Basement Inner & External wall plastering
20. Basement Gravel filling work
21. Gravel Consolidation work
22. Gravel in inside anti-termite filling work
23. Basement Floor Sand filling work
24. Basement Floor PCC laying work
25. Basement belt beam RCC laying work
Above Basement to Ground Floor
26. Ground floor Column marking work
27. Ground floor Column Reinforcement steel
fabrication and erection work
28. Ground floor Column shuttering work
29. Ground floor Column RCC laying work
30. Ground floor Column De-Shuttering work
31. Ground floor Roof beam & Roof Slab
Shuttering work
32. Ground floor Roof beam & Slab
Reinforcement Steel fabrication & erection work
33. Ground floor Roof Slab Electrical pipe laying
34. Ground floor Roof slab Shuttering side &
Support checking work
35. Ground floor Roof slab RCC laying work
36. Ground floor Roof slab De-shuttering work
37. Ground floor Inner & External wall 230mm
brick work Up to window sill level
38. Ground floor window sill reinforcement steel
erection and fabrication work
39. Ground floor window sill RCC laying work
40. Ground floor brick work Up to lintel level
41. Ground floor Lintel & Sun shade shuttering
42. Ground floor Lintel and Sun shade
Reinforcement steel erection and fabrication work
43. Ground floor Lintel and Sunshade RCC laying
44. Ground floor Lintel De-shuttering work
45. Ground floor brick work Up to Roof level
46. Ground floor Doors & Windows fixing work
47. Ground floor Wall electrical pipe and box
fixing work
49. Ground floor Ceiling plastering wok
50. Ground floor Inner wall plastering work
51. Ground floor all windows grill fixing work
52. Ground floor Vertified tiles laying work
53. Ground floor Ceiling and wall Painting work
54. Ground floor electrical wiring and fittings
fixing work
55. Staircase, Sump, Toilet etc.,,,.,
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