AISC Steel Construction Manual 14th Edition


AISC Steel Construction Manual 14th Edition

1       Dimensions and Properties
2       General Design  Considerations
3       Design of Flexural  Members
4       Design of Compression  Members
5       Design of Tension  Members
6       Design of  Members Subject to Combined  Forces
7       Design Considerations for Bolts
8       Design Considerations for Welds
9       Design of Connecting  Elements
10  Design of Simple Shear  Connections
11  Design of Partially Restrained  Moment  Connections
12  Design of Fully Restrained Moment  Connections
13  Design of Bracing Connections and Truss  Connections
14  Design of Beam Bearing Plates, Col. Base Plates, Anchor  Rods, and Col. Splices
15  Design of Hanger Connections,  Bracket  Plates, and Crane-Rail  Connections
16  Specifications  and  Codes
17  Miscellaneous  Data and Mathematical  Information
18  Index and General  Nomenclature
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