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Types Of Highways

Types Of Highways

A highway or highways is any public road or a network of road.It is used for major roads, but also includes other public roads and public tracks which connects two different cities, town, states or countries.Highways also continuing traffic and it is the primary route between communities.There are many types of highways.

Some of the highways are:-

1.Divided Highways - The highways in which the lanes are going in opposite direction i.e. The highways are divided by a median.

2.State Highways - This type of highways are maintened by the state.These are known as State Highways.

3.Express Ways - These are the national term that have high volume road are called Expressways. It consist of atleast 4 lanes.

4.Free Ways -It is same as Expressways but this mostly used in California.

5.Toll Ways - This are the highways that collect tolls. They usually collects tolls from the tol booth which is situated 2-3 miles apart on the highways.

6.Turn Pikes - This is usually another type of highways which collects toll but in this the toll is collected by giving tickets.

7.Park Ways - These are that type of highways which have lots of trees and plants around. These are usually very beautiful highways.

8.Limited Access Highways-- It is a highway in which access is limited to signed exits.

9.Partial Access Highways - A highway that allow access to other cities.Probably at a stop light.

10.Full Access Highways - This preety much any road that is divided and has drive ways ands stuff.

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