Swell-Flex (Expanding Waterstop For Concrete Joints)

Swell-Flex (Expanding Waterstop For Concrete Joints)
Swell flex is a WATERSTOP, with the following specifications


SWELL-FLEX is an active sodium bentonite / butyl rubber-based WATERSTOP. It fills all the cracks, pores and capilleries on the concrete by expanding upon contact with water, and waterproofs concrete joints.


Swimming pools, foundations, concrete shear, tunnels, manholes, retaining walls, garages, water storage tanks, old and new concrete joints, sewage systems, underground pipe and cable inlets, water purification facilities.


Very easy installation.
Offers easy application even with great amounts of Rebar.
To connect seams it is sufficient to bring them side by side and press together.
One person can install up to 130 meters per hour.
Packaged as the 7 meter rolls so that one person alone can Easily apply it.


Roll out the required amount of SWELL-FLEX.
Press it onto concrete. For best adherence in vertical and overhead applications, firmly press it for at least 15 seconds. Necessary when Apply primer.
Place seams side by side or end to end; do not overlap.
Make sure WATERSTOP covers all parts of the surface, especially if the surface is not uniform.

Carefully remove silicone paper and pour concrete.
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