Role Of Civil Engineering In The Construction Of Highway

Role Of Civil Engineering In The Construction Of Highway

The branch of civil engineering which deals with the construction of highways is known as "Highway Engineering".

It mainly includes planning,designing and construction of the highway.

The civil engineer mainly look for a comfortable way for the transportation of people and goods through the highway.

The civil engineers involved in construction of highway mainly look for future traffics, designs of highway, geometric condition and also for the material which is required for the construction of highway.

Main activity of Civil Engineers in the construction of highway

1.One of the things is planning and development i.e. the traffic volume of the road network.
2.Developed countries constantly face a problem of high maintenance cost of the highway which is solved by a good and skilled civil engineers.
3.Also the civil engineers look for a safe way so that they can develop the highways without affecting the environment.
4.The civil engineers decides the length and width of the highway.
5.The material used in the construction of highway is also decided by the civil engineers and in which proportion.
6.Also an important part is the highway safety for which there is a great need of civil engineers.

7.Designing of proper drainage of highway is crucial to their success.
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