Reducing Field Sample of Aggregate to Test Sample

Reducing Field Sample of Aggregate to Test Sample

Purpose: To obtain laboratory samples of aggregates from stockpiles.

Equipment: Shovel, scoop , boom.


1-Obtain a sample of aggregate (about 50 kg) from three places in the  stockpile: from the top third, at the midpoint, and from the bottom third   of the volume of the pile.                     
2- Place the field sample on a hard, clean level surface.
3- Mix the material thoroughly by turning the entire sample three times.
4- Shovel the entire sample into a conical pile.
5- Carefully flatten the conical to a uniform thickness and diameter by  pressing down the apex with a shovel. ( The diameter should be approximately four to eight times the thickness).
6- Divide the flattened mass into four equal quarters with a shovel.
7- Remove two diagonally opposite quarters. Brush the cleared spaces  clean.
8-Mix and quarter the remaining materials until the sample is reduced to  the desired size.


   The sample splitters can be used instead of  flattening the mass on a level surface.
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