How to write a laboratory report


How to write a laboratory report

  The following arrangement of the report is suggested:  

  Title:    This should indicate the nature of the test and the specifications 
number used. 

 Scope of the test :A brief statement of the purpose and significance  of the test should be indicated. 

 Materials  :The material  used   or   tested   should   be   describe .

Apparatus and method of testing:Special equipment used should   be briefly described. The testing procedure should be also described. 

Data and results of the test
All laboratory  data shall be sub  in tabular form. Observations relating to the behavior of the materials should be included. All equations or formulas used should be clearly indicated. Calculations should be properly checked. The results of the test should be summarized in tabular or graphical form.  


There should be included a brief discussion in which  attention is drawn to the silent facts shown by the tables and diagrams.The test results should be compared with the standard values and conclusion should be drawn.
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