Green Sense Concrete

Green Sense Concrete

Product of BASF

Green Sense Concrete is a revolutionary advanced concrete mixture proportioning service that achieves new levels of performance, economics and sustainability. Green Sense Concrete is an environmentally-preferred, cost-effective concrete with optimized proportions in which supplementary cementitious materials, non-cementitious fillers, or both, are used with special Master Builders Solutions brand MasterGlenium® high-range water-reducing admixtures and/or MasterSure® Z 60 workability-retaining admixture to meet or exceed performance targets.

Green Sense Concrete is a new concrete that, relative to a baseline reference mix, attains desired setting characteristics, strength, durability, and if needed, a higher slump at a reduced cost to the producer. The innovative Green Sense Concrete allows producers to increase their profitability, provide the contractor with a user-friendly mix that pumps and places efficiently, increases the service-life of structures, and offers the opportunity to positively influence the environment.

Benefits of Green Sense Concrete:

Because Green Sense Concrete is optimized for cost and performance, many tangible benefits can be realized by the entire construction team.


Optimized and economical concrete composition cost
Faster truck discharge
Desired setting time, slump retention, and strength performance
No water needed at jobsite – less performance issues / callbacks due to water addition


Highly flowable slump concrete: 8.0 in. (200 mm) – if desired
Good workability, pumpability and finishing characteristics
Faster placement and production


Desired durability performance
Lower shrinkage and cracking potential
Contributes toward LEED credits
Environmental Agencies / Community
Less cement / CO2 / energy used per unit of concrete produced

Less by-product materials targeted for landfill
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