Building materials used in Construction Site


Building materials used in Construction Site

Materials used in the construction of buildings are:-
Bricks-It is used for walls,paths and driveways.It is versatile,good thermal mass and available in different size.

Concrete-It is used in floors,walls,support and also for joining of the bricks.It is strong,durable,economical,can resist termites,good holding capability and high thermal mass.

Fibre cemented sheets-It is used for cladding and also used as ceilings.It has low cost and having good thermal capability.

Soil bricks-It is also used for walls and floors.Its main advantage is that it can be found and made on site easily.Also it is long lasting,biodegradable and have high thermal mass.

Plastics-It is used for manufacturing of windows frame,water pipe,gutters and wall covering purpose.It is light material,durable and have resistance from water.
Stones-It is also used for walls,floors and supports.Basically stones are used in foundation because is much stronger.It has high thermal mass,costless if available in near by the construction site and found in abudant amount.
Straw bale-It is also used in walls.It is cheap,good insulator of electricity and renewable resource.

Aluminium-It used in window frames.It is strong ,light weighted and also it can be recycled.But it is costlier if is used in large extent.
Glass-It is used in windows  and doors.It is long lasting,efficient,costless and can be renewed.
Plasterboard-It is used in linning walls.It can also be recycled again and again.
Steel-It is also used for manufacturing frames and supports.It is strong,water resistance and can be recycled.

Wooden material-It is used in floors,roofs,walls,doors and frames.It is strong,renewable and biodegradable material.The wood taking used for this purpose is timber.

Marbles and Tiles-It is used in floor also for decorating and designing purpose.It is also strong as to that of stone.
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