Structural Engineering Handbook


Structural Engineering Handbook

Structural Engineering Contents

1   Basic Theory of Plates and Elastic Stability    Eiki Yamaguchi

2   Structural Analysis    J.Y. Richard Liew,N.E. Shanmugam, and  C.H. Yu

3   Structural Steel Design1     E. M. Lui

4   Structural Concrete Design2     Amy Grider and Julio A. Ramirez and Young Mook Yun

5   Earthquake Engineering    Charles Scawthorn

6   Composite Construction    Edoardo Cosenza and Riccardo Zandonini

7   Cold-Formed Steel Structures    Wei-Wen Yu

8   Aluminum Structures    Maurice L. Sharp

9   Timber Structures    Kenneth J. Fridley

10 Bridge Structures    Shouji Toma, Lian Duan, and Wai-Fah Chen

11 Shell Structures    Clarence D. Miller

12 Multistory Frame Structures    J. Y. Richard Liew and T. Balendra and W. F. Chen

13 Space Frame Structures    Tien T. Lan

14 Cooling Tower Structures    Phillip L. Gould and Wilfried B. Kr├Ątzig

15 Transmission Structures    Shu-jin Fang, Subir Roy, and Jacob Kramer

16 Performance-Based Seismic Design Criteria For Bridges  LianDuanandMarkReno

15 B Tunnel Structures     Birger Schmidt, Christian Ingerslev, Brian Brenner, and J.-N. Wang

17 Effective Length Factors of Compression Members    Lian Duan and W.F. Chen

18 Stub Girder Floor Systems    Reidar Bjorhovde

19 Plate and Box Girders    Mohamed Elgaaly

20 Steel Bridge Construction    Jackson Durkee

21 Basic Principles of Shock Loading    O.W. Blodgett and D.K. Miller

22 Welded Connections    O.W. Blodgett and D. K. Miller

23 Composite Connections    Roberto Leon

24 Fatigue and Fracture    Robert J. Dexter and John W. Fisher

25 Underground Pipe    J. M. Doyle and S.J. Fang

26 Structural Reliability3     D. V. Rosowsky

27 Passive Energy Dissipation and Active Control    T.T. Soong and G.F. Dargush

28 An Innnovative Design For Steel Frame Using Advanced Analysis  Seung-Eock Kim and
W. F. Chen

29 Welded Tubular Connections—CHS Trusses  Peter W. Marshall

30 Earthquake Damage to Structures     Mark Yashinsky

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