Difference between Pipe Jacking and Micro Tunneling


 Difference between  Pipe Jacking and Micro Tunneling

Pipe Jacking                                                                      Micro Tunneling

Pipe jacking is a general technique of the installation of pipes with a tunneling shield in front and the pipes are jacked from a jacking pit to a receiving pit. The tunneling shield for pipe jacking can be electrical and  mechanical  equipment  for  conducting  the  excavation  work  or  it can be a manual shield for workers going inside the shield to carry out manual excavation. For microtunneling, it is a kind of pipe jacking of small  sized  non-man-entry  pipes  which  are  remotely  controlled.  In
general, there are two common types of micro-tunneling machines:

(i)  Pressurised slurry 

Similar  to  the  Pressurised  slurry  TBM,  excavated  material  is transported from the excavation face to the surface suspended in a slurry.

(ii) Auger machine   

Excavated material is transported from the excavation face to the drive pit through a cased screw auger. 
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