Whats going on inside the huge building site of St Bart's Hospital?


Whats going on inside the huge building site of St Bart's Hospital?

OK, so I am really itching to have a look inside the construction site that is the future building of St Bartholomew's Hospital.

The reason simply being that everytime I pass the building site when im walking to the bustop I get a small glimse of the deep pit that us going to be for the foundations and as it is a small glimse it is breathtaking!

I wish I could get a photo but the only time any member of the public would ever see such a thing is when a huge scary lorry is leaving the site hence my hesitation not to stand there and sneak a photo, but ever since I knew what was going on I have been astonished at the scale of the project and how it lies tightly within the city of London.
Here are a few photos off Google although is doesn't really show what's going on inside:


As you walk along the pavement there are information boards explaining what is going on and when it will finish which is about 2016 so it won't be ready for the Olympics but still it s nice to see that along with Crossrail  there will be a few giant projects hanging around.

I even tried looking on Google to see if there are any birds eye views of the site or if any one had taken a few photos and published them some where.

I know the contractor is Skanska famous for huge projects so this will definitely be a high quality  building and I am so pleased to see that it is a hospital since this means there will be better facilities and departments (lets hope).

I am hoping to see write more about the buildings I see when I tend to walk anywhere as I believe this is the best way to learn about a building and see what is going on and despite London being tightly packed there is always something new happening somewhere around the corner :)
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