Walking for Civil Engineering Job

                                          Walking for Civil Engineering Job
Job Description
Critical Skills required for the position:
  1. Commercial and accounting skill like Quantity Calculation, Cost comparison, Rate Analysis, Bill checking etc. 
  2. Supervision skill like measurement on site, site interior work supervision etc.
  3. Knowledge of Interior materials and interior work sequences. 
  4. Knowledge of all MEPF services.
  5. Computer knowledge: AutoCAD, Basic MS office and Internet.
Experience of Interior site supervision as well as construction of Hotels/ Resort will be given priority. 

Job description: 
  1. Planning and organizing people and materials for day to day work.
  2. Ensure contractors deliver as per agreed sequence/timeline and also ensure material, equipment and resources are effectively deployed.
  3. Execution and supervision of all construction activities (MEPF) as per approved drawings with considering quality and quantity aspect.
  4. Monitor the material (in word-out word) supply system for project. Reviewing quantity and quality of materials delivered to site and confirms that goods are as per approved samples only.
  5. End to end coordination with of all contractors. 
  6. MIS and documentation site activities as like daily site progress reports, quality assurance reports, check lists for various activities, Manpower attendance report, and material Inward/outward report etc.
  7. Responsible for day to day reporting to Head office.
  8. Required experience in interior project work
For More information Call 09650231293, 01204922624(10 AM – 5 PM , Monday-Saturday)
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