Structural Details


Structural Details

Pad Foundations: this type of Foundation when you create structural buildings and adopt her theory on transfer of building loads through a focal point to the building alkemarat of columns with the load of each column to the base underneath these columns have linked and rules by alsamalut or field shows how the column rule and different possibilities for the development of alsamalut association according to the distance from the surface of the Earth special cases for baselines of separate rules : A. common rules (Combined Footings): operates when increasing loads in some parts of the building that the magnitude of the rule to its close proximity to another rule, which requires combining rules from one base, and this happens to ordinary concrete only or for both regular and armed according to concrete situation. 

B. rules of neighbor (Neighbour Footings): working at neighbors in case the building is on the ground where it is impossible to interfere any part of the building on the land of a neighbor, even if building foundations how to link this type of rule to other rules of the Association to prevent balkmerh building a rule given to count their pregnancy. centralization

C-outstanding rules (Cantilever Footings): used in case there is a weak point in flat piling is intended to build upon and are usually of small loads such as fences or buildings limited load height 
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