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The functions of foundation are:
1. To distribute the weight of the structure over a large area so as to avoid exceeding load bearing capacity of the soil. Masonry walls R.C.C. or steel columns can carry considerable load per  unit  area where  as  soil  can  carry  quite  less    load  per  unit area.  Hence there  is  need  to gradually increase the area for load transfer and finally provide sufficient area. This is the main purpose of foundation.

2. Incidentally by providing foundation load on soil is evenly distributed and hence unequal settlement  of  parts  of superstructure  prevented.

3. Foundation takes the structure deep into the ground and anchors it. The overturning and sliding  of  structures  is  prevented.Thus foundation  gives  stability  to  the  structure.

4. Foundation  provides  a  level  surface  for  building  operations.
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