Box-terms-a-precast units


Box-terms-a-precast units are fitted on the roads for the passage of water runoff to ensure the safety of roads within cities may be used to control the flood waters of the torrents of rain and exist in most States a-used to pass cables or gas pipes or oil or walvibr optic telephone cables-a-used bottom roads to vehicular traffic such as expenditure and at least 450 cm height and width in the range of 10 m to allow passage of the directional cars and in this case you must ensure that confer rainwater ausiol and drain any water Accumulated rainfall for the incidental safety car-a-ktiob is used to pass the cold air refrigeration-the-outlet in the Prophet's mosque in Medina where the cooling units have more than 10 km from the sanctuary--the military has set up a pass under pressure of the water such as water or expulsion for stations sewage----what must be observed during transport and installation, tchounha? Lu erected and above the bridge and overhead marmar trucks what are the details of iron which uses roughly what are rates per lnoaalfthah iron, for example, 4 * 4 meters approx approximate Bishop fish And the floor and walls-a-as the loads used on highways?
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