AutoCAD 2007 launching by the Start button on  the toolbar Windows or through direct clicks on an icon or a file that was made in AutoCAD. Here I will not  hold back because I believe that you have a base knowledge to work in Windows operating system and know how to run a software application.
After starting the AutoCAD window  will appear like this in the picture below where you select the type of work in AutoCAD 2007.

Start Workspaces in AutoCAD

After running AutoCAD that you may see the following window as shown below (and not, depending on whether this option is turned on) if not, at the end of this page, see how to include and exclude options that you get STARTUP dialog window.

Setting unit and their accuracy

AutoCAD - Advanced Setup - Units

Set your only angle measurements as well as its accuracy (version number in decimal form)

AutoCAD - Advanced Setup - Angle

Setting the baseline for the direction of drawing Angle Measure - EAST

AutoCAD - Advanced Setup - Angle Measure

Setting the direction of drawing a "Counter Clockwise" in the opposite direction from clockwise (in geodesy is set to Clockwise)

AutoCAD - Advanced Setup - Angle Direction

Here in the option area, you can set the size of the drawing area (not a must, but then you can use the scale to print on paper (PLOT)

AutoCAD - Advanced Setup - Area Drawing

Speaking of determining the size of the area for drawing, as long as you need STARTUP dialog window, and furthermore, you can set the size of the area, drawing the border.

- In Command Line, type the command LIMITS and then use the size of areas (eg: paper A4 type 210,297 and press Enter.)

Here you will see that first go Width and then go Length (in 2D there is no height so it is not good to say the width and height). So the paper width is 210 units and the length of paper is 297 units (of course for the measurement unit in the settings we choose millimeters). You can also see that this is PORTRAIT position paper, the landscape position paper to write 297,210

- With a text menu, select the Format command => Drawing Limits and still enter as follows
"Specify lower left corner or [ON / OFF] <0.0000,0.0000>: 210,297

If you want to work in the window to see the entire plot area you have selected zoom view by clicking
the icon buttons ZOOM  (Or Command: type Z + Enter, then type A + Enter, which means ALL)

(You can turn ON, GRID function button - display supporting network, to see where you are located
drawing area) For inclusion STARTUP dialog window, follow the next picture below. So in the Command
Line, type the command STARTUP and then press ENTER, if you see 0 means that it is starting OFF the
window, type 1 and press enter, now you will be when the next launch AutoCAD startup screen appears. (So
0 for OFF and 1 for included)

Command: STARTUP [+enter]
Enter new value for STARTUP <0>: 1 [+enter]

AutoCAD - Startup Command
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