AUTOCAD 2007 for beginner

This site about Autocad want to help beginners, or those who want to learn to work independently in AutoCAD 2007 and until now have never encountered the work it.of couse, you need to know some basics of English. Do not expect professional education to work inAutoCAD, but on this educational website look as the basis for working in AutoCAD. So show the basic steps in AutoCAD as I passed them I am and how I understand them. If you wish to engage in professional work in AutoCAD, type in one of the institutions that deal with this professionally.


Lay language spoken, Autocad is a program designed for drawing drawings, for example in mechnicalengineering, civil engineering and surveying. There can be two-dimensional design drawings in terms of (2D) and three-dimensional view (3D) in the case (drawing), which lines.

There are various programs for these purposes and there are specialized programs with which you can make 2D drawing and 3D modelingdrawings and the like.

Also set the parameters of UNITS that draw drawing. FORMAT => UNITS. Autocad is used as a measuring parameter UNITS  and set the settings I choose whether to be millimeters, centimeters, meters, kilometers, etc. ... In mechanical engineering using millimeters, centimeters in construction and surveying meters. So this is important for PLOT (printing on paper) and the SCALE that is placed at the end. (Or if you want to inch or kilometer ;-)

Drawing Units

Working in AutoCAD requires some basic knowledge of your work, and also good to have prior knowledge base and knowledge of the plot coordinate system. If you do not know the coordinate system (UCS), see the link coordinate systems. If you really want to learn to work inAutoCAD 2007 run this web step by step by following the links, do not skip because you omit something that is important for the final result of your drawings.

I can only note that all depends on you and your creativity. When drawing a drawing of the same 5 different artists can draw the same drawing with different options, using different lines and the like. It is impossible to strictly explain how to completely draw a sketch for example: CONE someone can draw using the commends "CONE" someone using a combination of CIRCLE-EXTRUDE/Taper Angle.

That's not important, it is important to draw a drawing of what is required and how to reach the final goal is a matter of your creativity.

I hope you understand what I wanted to say ;-)
Examples of drawings that you create in AutoCAD.
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