CIVIL CORE COMPANIES LIST - Civil Construction Companies

S.NO          NAME & ADDRESS                                           LOCATION
1.                Essar Constructions Limited.                               Mumbai

2.                Sobha Developers Ltd.                                         Chennai

3.                Sobha Developers Limited                                   Coimbatore

4.                Chettinad Builders Private Limited                      Chennai

5.                Ramky Infrastructure                                          Hyderabad

6.                Jain Housing & Constructions Ltd.,                     Chennai

7.                RDS Consultants Pvt. Ltd                                   Bangalore

8.                Saipem India Projects Limited                             Chennai

9.                Hochtief (India) Private Limited                           Chennai

10.              MAYTAS Infra (P) Ltd.,                                    Hyderabad

11.              SECON (P) Ltd.,                                                Bangalore

12.              VA Tech WABAG Ltd.,                                     Chennai.

13.              AFCONS India Ltd.                                             Mumbai

14.              Petron Civil Engineering (P) Ltd.                         Pune

15.              Simplex Projects                                                  Kolkata

16.              MVR Constructions                                             Bangalore

17.              KMC Constructions                                             Bangalore

18.              PSK Constructions                                                Mumbai

19.              MK Groups

20.              Emas Engineers & Contractors Pvt Ltd.,             Chennai

21.              VSL India Pvt Ltd.,                                              Chennai

22.              L & T ECC, Chennai.                                           Chennai

23.              URC Constructions (P) Ltd., Erode.                    Erode

24.               India Cements Pvt Ltd.                                        Chennai

25.              Grasim Industries Ltd.                                Madhya Pradesh

26.              Tandon Consultants Pvt Ltd.                               New Delhi

27.              Unitech Ltd.                                                         New Delhi

28.              Engineers India Ltd.,                                            New Delhi

29.              Associated Cement Companies,                             Mumbai

30.              Associated Cement Companies,                               Kanpur.

31.              Consolidated Construction Consortium Pvt Ltd.    Chennai

32.              CADS Software India (P) Ltd.                                Chennai

33.              Lodha Builders Mumbai

34.              Alliance Builders & Contractors Ltd.                    Uttar Pradesh

35.              Sunway Constructions SDN BHD                       Malaysia.

36.              PNC Constructions Co. Ltd.                                Agra

37.              Chowgule Koster (India) Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.Mumbai

38.              Evershine Builders Pvt Ltd                                  Mumbai

39.              Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.                                 Jalgaon

40.              Macau Cement Manufacturing Co Ltd.                Macau

41.              S.K.B. Builders & Fabricators.                              New Delhi

42.              JMC Projects India Limited                                  Ahmedabad

43.              Abas Constructions Pvt Ltd.                                Mumbai

44.              Waste Management Pvt Ltd.,                               Haryana.

45.              IDEB Construction Projects (P) Ltd.                             Bangalore

46.              D.S. KULKARNI DEVELOPERS Ltd.                MUMBAI

47.              Sushee Hitech Construction Ltd.                          Hyderabad

48.              MDL Construction (P) Ltd.                                  New Delhi

49.              Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (I) Ltd.                            Mumbai

50.              Sharad Constructions Pvt Ltd.                                      Mumbai

51.              Pragati Group of Companies                               Haryana

52.              Kirloskar Brother Ltd.                                         Pune

53.              Pyramid Consulting Engineering Pvt Ltd.            Maharashtra

54.              Nagarjuna Construction Company Ltd.               Hyderabad

55.              Ambuja Cement Eastern Ltd.                               Kolkata

56.              Progressive Constructions Ltd.                                      New Delhi

57.              Tantia Construction Company Ltd.                     Kolkata

58.              Oriental Structural Engineers Pvt Ltd.                           New Delhi

59.              Cosmos Builders & Promoters Ltd.                     New Delhi

60.              MCM Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.                              New Delhi

61.              TCE Consulting Engineers Limited                      Mumbai

62.              IVRCL Infrastructures & Projects Ltd

63.              MAYTAS INFRA LIMITED                               Hyderabad

64.              IRCON INTERNATIONAL LIMITED                New Delhi

65.              Toyo Engineering India Limited                           Mumbai

66.              H. & R. Johnson (India) Limited,                         Mumbai

67.              KTVR Vijaydeepa Group                                    Coimbatore

68.              Vilasini Promoters                                               Coimbatore

69.              Srivari Property Developers                                Coimbatore

70.              Ravi Murugan Constructions                               Coimbatore

71.              Ramani Realtors Private Limited                         Coimbatore

72.              SB Real Estate                                                     Coimbatore

73.              i Dreams Builders                                                          Coimbatore

74.              Shajbas Constructions (P).Ltd.                                      Coimbatore

75.              Pinnacle Properties Building Traditions...            Coimbatore

76.              Lakshana Constructions                                                Coimbatore

77.              Arul Constructionss                                             Coimbatore

78.              Coimbatore Town Development Co-operative Housing Society

79.              Builders & Property Developers                          Chennai

80.              Agarshans Building & Flats Promoters               Chennai

81.              Best Homes Builders & Prop Developers            Chennai

82.              Bethel Constructions Bldrs & Prop Deve Builders Chennai

83.              Bhaggyam Cnstrns Bharani Builders

Bldr& Prop Devlprs Builders                              Chennai,

Building & Flats Promoters                                 Chennai

Builttech Designs Pltd Building & Flats Promoters Chennai

C G Constructions Building & Flats Promoters   Chennai

Chaitanya Bldr & Leasing P Ltd Building& Flat Prmtr Builders Chennai

Chaitanya Buldrs&lesig Buldrs& Prprty Developmentrs Chennai

Chandrasekar Builders (p) Ltd Builders & Property Developers  Chennai

Consolidated Cnstruton Building& Flats Prmters Buil Chennai

Dbs Properties Ltd Building & Flats Promoters                  Chennai

De-luxe Aparts&buldngs Co Building& Flats Prmotrs Buil Chennai

India Dharba Constructions Building Construction                Chennai

Doshi Housing Ltd Builders & Property Developers    Chennai

Edi Builders Builders- Building Promoters                             Chennai

Elegant Builders Building & Flats Promoters                Chennai

J J Constructions Bldrs & Partsy Developmentrs                   Chennai Builders & Prop Developers                      Chennai

Jain Housing&cnstrctn Buldrs& Prprty Developmentrs         Chennai

Jamals Entp Pvt Ltd Building & Flats Promoters                   Chennai

Karthik Constructions Building& Flats Prmters Builder        Chennai
Kasi Group Of Companies Building & Flats Promoter           Chennai

Kaveri Promoters Building & Flats Promoters              Chennai

Kences Foundatioan P Ltd Building& Flats Promoters           Chennai

Kgeyes Residency Private Limited Builders & Property Developers  Chennai

Kishorkumar Gokaldas Builders & Property Developers 5 Chennai

Krishna Constructions Building & Flats Promoters                Chennai

Kumaran Foundation Builders & Property Developers          Chennai

L S V Builders Building & Flats Promoters                            Chennai

Lakshmi Builders Building & Flats Promoters              Chennai

Lakshmi Constructions Building Construction Consul...        Chennai

Landmark Construction Bldrs & Prop. Devloprs Buil...         Chennai

Raheja Associates Building & Flats Promoters             Chennai

Rajarathinam Constns Flats Promoters Builders & P...          Chennai

Rajkumar Cnstrns P Ltd Building & Flats Promoters B...      Chennai

Rajparis Civil Const Building& Flats Prmters Buil...    Chennai

Revathy Constructions Buldrs& Prprty Developmentrs         Chennai

Rock Construction Co Building & Flats Promoters                Chennai

S & S Foundations Private Ltd Builders Builders & Property Chennai

S&s Qualicrete Cnstr Building& Flats Prmters Buil      Chennai

Sai Kirupa Constructions Building& Flats Promoters Bui..Chennai

Sam Realities Mds P Ltd Building & Flats Promoters   Chennai

Sandstone Cnstrctn Pltd Building& Flats Prmters Buil          Chennai

Sangeetha Properties Building & Flats Promoters                  Chennai

Sashank Foundations Building & Flats Promoters                 Chennai

Sathyam Builders Bldrs& Prprty Developmentrs                   Chennai

Selsha Construction Bldrs& Prprty Developmentrs      Chennai

Shivaji Foundations Builders & Property Developers Chennai

Akash Foundations Building & Flats Promoters                    Chennai

Akshaya Constructions Builders & Property Developers       Chennai

Alacrity Housing Ltd Bldr& Proprty Devlprs Builder Chennai

Alpha Realty Building & Flats Promoters                     Chennai

Annaivelankanni Lorry Srv Building Cnstrctn Consultants Chennai

Apex Constructions Building & Flats Promoters                    Chennai

Apollo Ests&buldrs Pltd Building& Flats Prmters Buil...Chennai

Arun & Chola Home Makers Ltd Promoters Builders & Property  Chennai


Civil Companies in Salem,Tamil Nadu.

Maruthi Constructions                               Salem
R M Associates                                        Salem
R K Engineers And Construction               Salem
Tee Square                                                Salem
Avk Building And Painting Contractor        Salem
Sree Lakshmi Residency                            Salem
Apt Developers                                          Salem
Bhavan Builders                                         Salem
Kumar Constructions                                 Salem
Jai Constructions                                       Salem
Bricksteel Enterprises                                 Salem
Jaganathan S                                              Salem
J R Associates                                           Salem
Shree Jakay Contructions                           Salem
Shree Dhevi Associates                              Salem
Shiva Shankar Construction                        Salem
Shanmuga Surveys                                     Salem
Sellappa Constructions                               Salem
Salem Construction                                    Salem
S S R Associates                                       Salem
S S A Constructions Company                   Salem
S K Engineering And Construction             Salem
Roman Building Designs                            Salem
Ravi Builders And Promoters                     Salem
Ramesh Builders                                        Salem
Raja And Company                                   Salem
Raghu Associates                                      Salem
R K And Sons                                           Salem
R B J Construction                                    Salem
Prr Construction Industries                        Salem
Srii Amman Construction                          Salem
Sri Vijay Constructions                             Salem
Sri Velu Builders                                       Salem
Sri Sakthi Constructions                            Salem
Sri Sai Nivas                                             Salem
Sri S K R Constructions                            Salem
Sri Naveen Associates                               Salem
Sri Kirthika Builders Pvt Ltd                      Salem
Sri Durgai Builders                                    Salem
Sree Thirumagal Construction                    Salem
Sree Jyothi Builders                                   Salem
Square Constructions                                Salem
Shriram Builders                                        Salem
Shri Surya Associates                                Salem
Shri Senthil Constructions                          Salem
Shri Saradha Constructions                        Salem
Shree Pee Arr Engineers                             Salem
World Line Associates                               Salem
Vishal Construction                                    Salem
Vijay Sri Constructions                               Salem

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