Earth Retention Systems Handbook


Earth Retention Systems Handbook

Earth Retention Systems Handbook PDF Download Ebook. Alan Macnab offers systematic and comprehensive presentation of temporary excavation shoring and earth retention systems used to construct permanent facilities inside them. These systems are used to construct underground pipelines, tunnels, tank and storage facilities, foundations and structures.

Each chapter presents a shoring system type description, how it is constructed, equipment requirements, cost analysis, etc. Safety, inspection and testing codes and methods included throughout. An understanding of temporary excavation shoring and earth retention systems is essential for everyone in the construction and engineering community.

Written by an industry expert with three decades’ experience, this book shows how it is constructed and when the particular system should and should not be used. Invaluable to firms involved in earth excavation, geotechnical and structural engineers, field supervisors, as well as safety officers, here is the definitive reference for anyone involved in the process of earth retention.

Alan Macnab's entire career has been spent with earth retention construction companies involved in both design-build and hard bid construction. His roles in construction have included work in operations, supervision, estimating, marketing, and claims, including executive positions in both Canada and the United States. He has held positions in a number of industry associations.


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