1)    What is the size of second class brick?

a) 19*9*9cm       b) 19*9*5.7cm       c) 19*9*6.5cm         d) 20*9*5.5cm
        2)    How many second class bricks are in m3
              a) 500                   b) 700                      c) 750                        d) 760
        3)    Unit weight of the steel?
                a)8750kg/m3     b)7850kg/m3         c)5870kg/m3          d)8570kg/m3
        4)    If we use M20, what is the result after 7days?                                                                                                                                                      
 a) 13.33N/mm2   b) 6.66N/mm2        c) 11.66N/mm2              d) 8.33N/mm2
         5)     Unit weight of RCC in m3?
                a) 25000Kg/m3      b) 250Kg/m 3   c) 2500Kg/m3               d) 25050Kg/m3
         6)     What is the weight of the 6mm rod on running meter?
                 a) 0.22Kg                b) 0.39Kg         c) 0.62Kg                      d) 0.15Kg
         7)     What is the standard size of hollow brick?
                 a) 12”*8”*6”          b) 8”*6”*12” c) 10”*8”*6”              d) 12”*6”*8”
          8)    What is the result of slump test for column and beam?
                  a) 100mm              b) 120mm        c) 110mm                   d) 140mm
          9)     What is the height of sill level for public building?
                  a) 0.85 – 0.95m    b) 0.65-0.75m    c) 0.75-0.85m         d) 0.55-0.65m
       10)      The width of jambs is?
                   a) 5.7-7.6cm         b) 7.6-11.4cm     c) 11.4-13.8cm        d) 13.8-15.2cm
        11)     A Retaining Wall is commonly required in the construction of?
                   a) hill roads           b) masonry roads   c) wing roads       d) all of the above
        12)     A Partition Wall is designed as a load bearing wall?
                   a) Right              b) wrong
         13)     In a brick noggin type of partition wall, the vertical wooden members are called?
                  a) noggings        b) studs          c) sills        d) templets
          14)    The sill in a wooden partition wall is the _______wooden member?
                   a)vertical          b)lower horizontal    c)upper horizontal   d)inter horizontal
      15)     The filling in cavities with cement slurry is known as?
                   a) coping            b) Beam filling          c) grouting      d) gunniting
        16)      Herring-bond bond is commonly used for?
                   a) brick paving      b) very thick walls    c) partition walls d) footing in foundation
         17)      A brick which is half as wide as a full brick, is called?
                  a) king closer      b) mitred closer    c) bevelled closer   d) queen closer
        18)      The exterior angle or corner of a wall is known as quoin?
                  a) right             b) wrong
       19)      The cavity wall is generally provided for?
                  a) preventing dampness b) heat insulation c) sound insulation   d) all of the above
       20)     The brick laid with its length perpendicular to the face of the wall is called a?
                  a) course      b) stretcher        c) header        d) closer


1.   b
2.   c
3.   b
4.   a
5.   c
6.   c
7.   a
8.   a
9.   a
10. c
11. d

12. b
13. b
14. b
15. c
16. a
17. d
18. b
19. d
20. c


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