Blobitecture from blob architectureblobism or blobismus are terms for a movement in architecture in which buildings have an organic, amoeba -shaped, bulging form. Though the term 'blob architecture' was in vogue already in the mid-1990s, it was entitled Defenestration. Though intended in the article to have a derogatory meaning, the word stuck and is often used to describe buildings with curved and rounded shapes. The term 'blob architecture' was coined by architect Grey Lynn in 1995 in his experiments in digital design with metaball graphical software. Soon a range of architects and furniture designers began to experiment with this "blobby" software to create new and unusual forms.
Blobitecture is a dynamic kind of architecture nevertheless extensively in use today. Blobitecture is      not like any other architectural type since it entirely originates from pc-aided layout (CAD).     
The term Blobs, or blobitecture, is used     to refer to    amoeboid, fluid designs that are created        using digital modelling software. By manipulating the algorithms of the modelling program, architects are able to          create new, previously unthinkable  shapes and forms and streamline the design-to-production process. The innovations in technology such as computer programs, industrial adhesives, and connectors can produce     infinite free-form and sculptural designs that can be made by spraying mortar over malleable reinforcing mesh. Corners and angular      beams give way to curvaceous shapes that draw their inspiration from nature. Blobs are sculptural, protoplasmic structures    that completely redefine the language and possibilities of architectural design.
Technically the first building designed by the pure blob architectural techniques was water pavilion, a temporary structure in Holland which stood from 1993-1997. It was built by Lars spuybroek (NOX) and kas oosterhuis and was fully of computer based nature. Its interior was fully electronically interactive light and sound could be changed by visitors.

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