STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS - I question paper

B.Tech I Semester Supplimentary Examinations,January 2010


Civil Engineering

Time: 3 hours Max Marks: 80

Answer any FIVE Questions

All Questions carry equal mark

1. Find the ?xed end moments for a ?xed beam of span 6 m subjected to a concentrated clockwise moment of 10 kNm at 2.5 m from the left end. [16]

2. Draw the bending moment and shear force diagram of a propped cantilever beam of span 6 m due to a point load of 6 kN at the mid span. [8+8]

3. State and explain Castigliano's ?rst theorem taking any two examples.[4+4+8]

4. Two point loads of 6kN and 8kN spaced 6m apart cross a girder of span 16m,the 6kN load leading from left to right. Construct the maximum S.F and B.Mdiagrams, stating the absolute maximum values. [10+6]

5. A beam ABC is supported at A,B and C and has an internal hinge at D at a distance of 3m from A. AB=6m and BC=9m .Draw the in?uence lines for the reactions at supports and S.F and B.M at a point 1m from B in the span BC. [4+4+4+4]

6. The pin jointed truss shown in Figure6 is loaded with two point loads of 20kN and 10kN at the upper joints. Evaluate the forces in the members using the method of tension coe?cients. [6+5+5]

7. Analyse the continuous beam shown in Figure7 by Clapeyron's theorem of three moments. Also sketch the BMD and SFD. [10+4+2]

8. Find the support reactions for the frame of height 5m and the span of 9m as graphically.

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