List of Indian Standard code book

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List of Indian Standard code book

1 IS: 1343 û 1980 Prestressed Concrete

2 IS: 10297 - 1982 Design and Construction of Floors and Roofs using Precast Reinforced/
Prestressed Concrete Ribbed or Cored Slab units.

3 IS: 6006-1983 Uncoated Stress relived Strand for Prestressed concrete

4 IS: 11205-1984 Classification and Terminology of Textile floor coverings

5 IS: 8520 û 1977 Guide for selection of industrial safety equipment for eye, face and ear

6 IS: 8519 û 1977 Guide for selection of industrial safety equipment for body protection

7 IS: 1566 û 1967 Hard û Drawn steel wire Fabric for concrete reinforcement

8 IS: 6313 (Part-III) 1981 Anti-Terminate measures in buildings Part-III Treatment for existing

9 IS: 8500 û 1977 Weldable Structural Steel (medium and high strength quality)

10 IS: 1080 û 1985 Shallow foundations in soils (other than Raft, Ring and Shell) û (2 copies)

11 IS: 822 û 1970 Inspection of welds

12 IS: 8009 (Part-I) - 1976 Calculation of settlements of foundations.

13 IS: 8009 (Part-II) û 1980 Calculation of settlements of foundations. (2 copies)

14 IS: 1904 û 1986 Design and Construction of foundations in soils

15 IS: 383 û 1970 Coarse and fine aggregates from natural sources for concrete.

16 IS: 6403 û 1981 Determination of bearing capacity of shallow foundations

17 IS: 6313 (Part-II) 1981 Anti-Termite measures in buildings

18 IS: 10042 û 1981 Site Investigations for foundation in gravel û boulder deposit.

19 IS: 280 - 1978 Mild Steel wire for general engineering purposes.

20 IS: 432 (Part-I) 1982 Mild Steel and medium tensile steel bars and hard û drawn steel wire for
concrete reinforcement

21 IS: 9143 - 1979 Determination of unconfined compressive strength of rock materials

22 IS: 10379 - 1982 Field control of moisture and compaction of soils for embankment and

23 IS: 1489 (Part û 1) 1991 Portland û Pozzolana cement û specification (fly ash based)

24 IS: 1489 (Part-2)1991 Portland û Pozzolana cement û specification (calcined clay based)

25 IS: 7272 (Part û 1) 1974 Labour output constants for building work (north zone)

26 IS: 8142 - 1976 Determining setting time of concrete by penetration resistance

27 IS: 4984 û 1995 High Density Polyethylene pipes for water supply - specification

28 IS: 1477 (Part-1) 1971 Painting of Ferrous metals in buildings (Pretreatment)

29 IS: 1477 (Part-2) 1971 Painting of Ferrous metals in buildings (Painting)

30 IS: 1893 (Part-1) Explanatory Examples on Indian Seismic

31 IS: 650 : 1991 Standard Sand for Testing Cement û Specificaiton

32 IS: 7634 (Part-1) 1975 Plastic Pipe work for portable water5 supplies (Choice of materials and
general recommendations)

33 IS: 2505 : 1992 Concrete vibrators û Immersion Type-General Requirements

34 IS: 4014 (Part-1) 1967 Steel Tubular Scaffolding (Definitions and materials )

35 IS: 9013 û 1978 Method of making, Curing and determining compressive strength of
accelerated-cured concrete test specimens.

36 IS: 14268 : 1995 Uncoated stress relieved low relaxation seven-ply strand for prestressed

37 IS: 9595 : 1996 Metal û Arc welding of carbon and carbon manganese steels û

38 IS: 2911 (Part-4) 1985 Design and construction of Pile foundations (Load Test on Piles)

39 IS: 459-1992 Corrugated and Semi-corrugated Asbestas Cement sheets specification.

40 IS: 8142-1976 Determining setting time of concrete by penetration resistance.

41 IS: 2062-1992 Steel for General Structural purposes û specification

42 IS: 4082-1996 Stacking and storage of construction materials and components at site-
recommendations. û 2 copies

43 IS: 801-1975 Use of cold-formed light Gauge steel structural members in general
building construction.

44 IS:2720 (part-17) 1986 Methods of test for soils (part-17) Laboratory Determination of

45 IS: 4326-1993 Earthquake Resistant Design and Construction of Buildings

46 IS: 14268 : 1995 Uncoated stress relieved low relaxation seven û Ply strand for
Prestresssed concrete û Specification û 2 copies

47 IS: 15284 (Part-1) 2003 Design and construction for ground Improvement-guidelines-part 1 (stone

48 IS: 4985 : 2000 Unplasticized PVC Pipes for Potable water supplies û specification

49 IS: 3103 - 1975 Industrial Ventilation

50 IS: 2470 (part-1) 1985 Installation of Septic Tanks (Part-1) Design criteria and construction

51 IS: 2502 - 1963 Bending and fixing of bars for concrete reinforcement.

52 IS: 432-1982 Mild Steel and medium Tensile Steel Bars and hard-Drawn Steel wire for
concrete Reinforcement (part-1) Mild Steel and medium Tensile steel Bars

53 IS: 875 (part-4) 1987 Design loads (other than earthquake ) for buildings and structures (part-4)
snow loads.

54 IS: 7317-1993 Uniaxial Jacking Test for modules of Deformation of rock.

55 IS: 2440:1975 Daylighting of Buildings 56 IS: 1786-1985 High Strength deformed steel bars and wires for concrete reinforcement.

57 IS: 7861 (Part-II) 1981 Extreme weather concreting (Part û II) recommended Practice for cold
weather concreting.

58 IS: 3812 - 1981 Specification for Fly ash for use as pozzolara and Admixture.

59 IS:2911 (PartûI) Sec I)-1979 Design and construction of Pile foundations (part û 1) concrete piles
section : Driven Cost in situ concrete piles.

60 IS: 9103 - 1999 Concrete Admixtures û Specification.

61 IS: 269 : 1989 Ordinary Portland Cement, 33 grade- specification.

62 IS: 10262 - 1982 Recommended Guidelines for concrete mix design.

63 IS: 3770 (P-1) 1965 Concrete structure for the storage of liquids (Part û 1,2)

64 IS: 3812 - 1981 Fly ash for use as pozzolana an admixture.

65 IS: 6006-1983 Uncoated stress relieved strand for prestressed concrete.

66 IS: 269-1989 Ordinary Portland cement 33 grade û specification.

67 SP-7: 1983 (Part-IV) National Building code of India û 1983

68 IS - 8329 : 2000 Centrifugally cast (span) ductile Iron pressure Pipes for water, gas and

69 IS - 1254 : 1991 Corrugated Aluminium Sheet û Specification.

70 IS:875 (Part-1) - 1987 Dead loads û Unit weights of building materials and stored materials.

71 IS: 1893 (Part û1) 2002 Criteria for earthquake resistant design of structures

72 IS: 13072 ; 1991 Sulphur Hexafluoride for Electrical purposes û Specification

73 IS: 875 (Part û 5)-1987 Design loads for buildings and structures

74 IS: 11973-1986 Treatment of rock foundations, core and abutment contacts with rock, for
embankment dams

75 IS: 12955 (Part-2) 1990 IN-SITU Determination of rock mass deformability using a flexible

76 IS: 13365 (Part-2) 1992 Quantitative classification systems of rock mass û guidelines

77 IS: 2911 (Part û III) 1980 Design and construction of pile foundations (Under-Reamed piles)

78 IS: 1566 - 1982 Specification for Hard-Drawn steel wire fabric for concrete reinforcement

79 IS: 875 (Part-2) 1987 Design loads for buildings and structures (Imposed Loads)

80 IS: 2132-1986 Thin welded tube sampling of soils

81 IS: 12955 (Part-2) 1990 IN-SITU determination of rock mass deformability using a flexible
dilatometer (with radial displacement)

82 IS: 1641 - 1988 Fire safety of building (General)

83 IS: 875 (Part-1) 1987 Design loads for buildings and structures

84 IS: 1893 (Part û 1) 2002 Criteria for Earthquake resistant design of structures û 2 copies

85 IS: 4926 : 2003 Ready Mixed concrete

86 IS: 14687: 1999 False work for Concrete Structures û Guidelines

87 IS: 1893 - 1984 Criteria for earthquake resistant design of structures û 2 copies

88 IS: 2911 (Part û III) 1980 Design and construction of pile foundations (Under Reamed Piles)
89 IS: 800 - 1984 General construction in steel û 4 copies

90 IS: 10589 û 1983 Specification for equipment for subsurface sounding of soils

91 IS: 14268 : 1995 Uncoated Stress Relieved low relaxation seven-ply strand for prestressed
concrete - specification

92 IS: 800 : 2007 General construction in steel

93 IS: 3443 - 1980 Specification for Crane rail sections

94 IS: 2386 (Part-I-V) 1963 Test for Aggregates for concrete

95 IS: 3043 - 1987 Code of practice for earthing - 2 copies

97 IS: 3419 - 1989 Fittings for rigid non- metallic conduits

98 IS: 14900 - 2000 Transparent float glass

99 IS: 811 - 1987 Cold formed light gauge structural steel sections

100 IS: 9595 : 1996 Metal-Arc welding of carbon and carbon manganese steels

101 IS: 875 (Part û 3) 1987 Design loads (other than earthquake) for buildings and structures

102 IS: 2026 (Part II) 1977 Power Transformers, Part-II Temperature - Rise

103 IS: 9537 (Part I) 1980 Conduits for Electrical Installations ( General Requirements )

104 IS: 694 - 1990 PVC Insulated cables for working voltages up to and in including 1100

105 IS: 7098 (Part-I) 1988 Cross linked polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed cables.

106 IS: 5613 (Part I/ Sec I) 1985 Design, installation and maintenance of overhead power lines

107 IS: 335 : 1993 New Insulating Oils

108 IS: 732 - 1989 Electrical Wiring installations

109 IS: 1391 (part 2) 1992 Room Air Conditioners (Split Air Conditioners)

110 IS: 2720 (Part 8) 1983 Methods of test for soils

111 IS: 2720 (Part 5) 1985 Methods of test for soils

112 IS: 2190 : 1992 Selection, Installation and maintenance of first-aid fire extinguishers

113 IS: 12070 - 1987 Design and construction of shallow foundations on rocks

114 IS: 1554 (Part 1) 1988 PVC insulated (Heavy Duty) Electric Cables

115 IS: 1904 - 1986 Design and construction of foundations in soils

116 Specification for mechanically produced blanketing material for railway

117 Durability of Concrete Structures

118 Hand book of Concrete Reinforcement and deatiling

119 Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of E&M fire detection , fire

120 Guidelines for Blanket Layer Provision on Track Formation

121 Solid rolled Multiple wear wheels for electric and diesel locomotives

122 25 mm Thick Nylon cord reinforced elastomeric pad for steel channel

123 Hand book on water supply and drainage

124 Welding Techniques

125 Hot Coiled Helical Springs used on mainline coaches EMU stock

126 T-19/ 1994 Manual for fusion welding of rails by the Alumino û Thermic process

127 Structural Concrete construction

128 Handbook on Structures with steel portal frames

129 Prefabricated vertical PVC drainage system for construction of
embankment on compressible soft soil

130 Particular Specifications (Structural Steel Work)

131 Axles for diesel and electric locomotives, EMU motor coaches and
powered axles of rail cars

132 T-39 Concrete Sleeper

133 Method of load test on soils

134 Train Operations

135 Load Test (Kentledge Method)

136 Precast concrete pipes

137 IS: 1172 - 1993 Basic requirements for water supply, drainage and sanitation

138 IS: 2064 : 1993 Selection, Installation and maintenance of sanitary appliances

139 State of the art report on provision of blanket on railway formations

140 Centrifuge based evaluation of pile foundation response to lateral
spreading and mitigation strategies

141 IS: 2026 (Part û 5) 1994 Power Transformers

142 IS: 2026 (Part û 4) 1977 Specification for power transformers

143 IS: 7098 (Part 2) 1985 Cross linked polyethylene insulated PVC Sheeted Cables

144 IS: 7098 (Part 1) 1988 Cross linked polyethylene insulated theermoplastic Sheathed cables

145 Mechanically Produced Blanketing material for railway formations

146 IS: 2026 (Part I) 1977 Specification for power Transformers (General) û 2 Copies

147 Manual for ultrasonic testing of rails and welds

148 IS: 2026 (Part III) 1981 Specification for power transformers (Insulation, Levels, Dielectric tests)

149 IS: 10028 (Part II) 1981 Selection, installation and maintenance of transformers (Installation)

150 IS: 8009 - 1976 Calculation of Settlement of foundations

151 IS: 2950(Part 1) 1981 Design and construction of raft foundations (Design)

152 Mechanically produced blanketing material for railway formations

153 Metal ARC Welding in structural steel bridges carrying rail

154 Track Ballast - III

155 Flat Bottom Railway Rails

156 Steel Tables

157 Durability of Concrete Structures

158 Guidelines on soft soils stage construction method

159 Guidelines for earthwork in railway projects

160 Handbook on functional requirements of industrial buildings

161 Handbook on structures with steel portal frames

162 Guidelines for Cuttings in Railway Formations

163 Concept and design of reinforced earth structures

164 Handbook on concrete reinforcement and detailing

165 IS: 4885 - 1988 Specification for Sewer Bricks

166 IS: 2974 (Part I) 1982 Design and construction of machine foundations

167 IS: 908 - 1975 Fire Hydrant, Stand Post Type

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