Bitumen Content Test

To determine the bitumen content as per ASTM 2172.
i) Centrifuge extractor
ii) Miscellaneous - bowl, filter paper, balance and commercial benzene
Take 500g sample
i) If the mixture is not soft enough to separate with a trowel, place 1000g of it in a large pan and warm upto 100 o C to separate the particles of the mixture uniformly.
ii) Place the sample (Weight ‘A’)in the centrifuge extractor. Cover the sample with benzene, put the filter paper on it with the cover plate tightly fitted on the bowl.
iii) Start the centrifuge extractor, revolving slowly andgradually increase the speed until the solvent ceases to flow from the outlet.
iv) Allow the centrifuge extractor to stop. Add 200ml benzene and repeat the procedure.
v) Repeat the procedure at least thrice, so that the extract is clear and not darker than the light straw colour and record the volume of total extract in the graduated vessel.
vi) Remove the filter paper from the bowl and dry in the oven at 110 + 5 o C. After 24hrs., take the weight of theextracted sample (Weight ‘B’).
Repeat the test thrice and average the results.
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